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Welcome to my little corner of the World! I live in Perthshire Scotland with my wonderful husband Eric. We have a daughter, Corinne who is married to Rob and lives in New Zealand, with their boys Harrison and twins Hadley and Dylan. Marie who has a wee boy Jackson, and Greg and his wife Kim, their wee girl Freya, even smaller baby boy Freddie and dog Buddy. I am happy when I am in my craft room, and I love making cards for Charity and also for commissions. I love scrapbooking, and I get my inspiration from my Grandchildren. They are the subjects in most of my Scrapbooking layouts. I have just started to do Mixed Media work, and I am loving it!! I have just started a craft group at our local Church centre, aptly called Saints and Scissors Club! If you can't find me, I will be in my craft room, buried under tons of stash lol!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

This is my take on the sketch on Sketch inspirations website. This is for challenge #152 This shows Hadley, Harrison and Dylan once more. The twins couldn't quite sit up on their own and kept falling over when Corinne was trying to take the photo! I used Fancy Pants "Happy Together" papers and stickers.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

I have been snowed in, so I have actually managed to do a couple of layouts!
The one above is for Let's Scrap 11:24:10 It shows Hadley with his Mummy's pink panties either on his head or round his neck! Not quite sure why he does this, but he makes a beeline for them whenever he sees them coming off the washing line! He is going to love us when he is older when we show him the photographs!

This one is for Sketchabilities #35 - it is a week late but never mind. This layout shows Hadley, Dylan and Harrison watching the T.V. Dylan obviously likes what he is seeing and is taking part!!!

Lastly, a picture of the snow in my street! What fun!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Here I am again - only two more days left to work and then I become a Lady of Leisure. No excuse then if I don't do any blogging!!!!! I have at long last managed to buy some Hanglar & Stanglar Stamps!! So excited. Just need to get them stamped and coloured now!

This is a layout I have made using a sketch from Scrapbook Magazine issue 50. I also used the free papers which came with the magazine. The photo shows my Mum holding my big brother Ian, and my big sister Moira is looking on shyly in the background. This was taken around 1948 - about 9 years before I came into the world! I was definitely an afterthought! Look at my Mum's stockings rolled down to her ankles!!! Shocking!!! LOL!!!!!!! Hope you like it and thanks for looking!

Friday, 5 November 2010

Here is my version of sketch 210 for This shows Hadley making a lovely mess eating his lunch. Took me much longer than usual to do this layout - not sure why, but I am happy with it now! Must keep up to date with all these challenges!!! :o)

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

I have not been scrapping as much, because I have been making cards, but here are a couple of layouts.

This one shows two Black and White images of Hadley and Dylan. They are both very serious, but I just LOVE these photographs. I made the layout simple so as the photographs took centre stage.

We went to a photographer and had some special photos taken. This was one of the prints and I just love it. The expression on Dylan's face is just so funny! Right I am going to make a promise to myself and I will be back here soon!!!!!!

This layout shows Hadley and Dylan in their wee car with poor Harrison pushing them from behind. They all play together really well, but they are a bit of a handful for their Mummy. I can't wait until we go back over to New Zealand to see them at Christmas.

Well, here I am again. I was through in Glasgow at the Craft show on Saturday. Very, very busy and a nightmare to get in to view some of the stands. Lots of very rude people who would not get out of your way even if you said "excuse me"!!

Anyway, here are some Christmas Cards I have been making.

Well, here I am again. I was through at the craft show in GLasgow on Saturday and it was wonderful. Very, very busy though, and a bit of a nightmare trying to get into some of the stalls. Some people are just sooooooooooooo rude and barge past or refuse to get out of your way when you politely say "excuse me" I made it in one piece though, I am glad to say.
Anyway, I have been busy making Christmas Cards and thought I would share some with you here.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

I thought I would show you the other pages I have had published

Here is the second page which I didn't know about!

Oh dear it has been so long since I posted anything here. Shame on me! I have just found out I will be in Scrapbook Magazine once more with one of my CHristmas pages. So excited once more!!! I discovered I appeared twice in issue 49 which was a lovely surprise.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

I am going to be published again!!!! This layout will be in issue 49 of Scrapbook Magazine!!!
These photographs were taken on holiday in Tunisia. We went out into the desert for the day and on the outward trip, Eric and I shared a camel. We stopped for something to eat, then you had the choice of camel, a donkey or on a wagon being pulled by a couple of camels. We opted for the donkeys and we had such a laugh. Eric's donkey knew he was on his way home, and Eric struggled to hold him back. I had the laziest donkey and he plodded along and had to get a nudge every so ofter to go a bit quicker. - Wonderful memories!
On a lighter note, I have just finished a scrapbook for Kim at my work which she gave to her Brother and Sister-in-Law. This is wee Callum on his christening day, and it is my favourite page from the album. I was told that when Callum's Mum started to look through the album, she started to cry as she liked it so much. that really made me feel so good!

Oh, I have been sooooooooooo bad and I have not been on here for several weeks. I have been so busy at work, as we are all having a hard time, knowing that half the staff will be made redundant over the next few weeks. I am "safe" until mid-November, but I feel I am in a bit of a limbo, as I can't plan anything for the future until I know what is happening. I feel so sorry for some of the girls in the office as they are really worrying about getting a new job as there is nothing available in our area.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Baby Doll

Marie hated her wee chubby cheeks, but I think she looked lovely!

My Girl

Me and Marie on her 13th Birthday.

World Cup

Well, bit of excitement this morning as I was on the local radio station - Tay FM taking part in a World Cup Quiz. I did very well, scoring the highest score so far, beating Italy 4 - 0. I have spent a lot of time scrapping and card making over the past couple of weeks, what with the World Cup and now Wimbledon on all the time. (You can probably tell I am not a Sports fan!!!) My daughter Marie is nagging me to finish her scrapbook, so I had better go and get some more pages completed for her! xx

Saturday, 12 June 2010

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This page is being published in issue 47 of Scrapbook Magazine - again, I am delighted that they have considered my work good enough to be published. It is such a nice feeling!!! This is wee Harrison "helping" his Mummy with the washing!
This is the first page I had published. I was soooooooo excited when I received the e-mail telling me. I was in my craft room squealing away like a mad thing. Hubby came through to see what was wrong with me - he thought I had hurt myself lol!!! This appeared in the very last edition of Scrapbook Inspirations. I was really sorry that this was the last edition as it is so hard to get good magazines which feature scrapbooking here in the U.K.
This was
This was a page showing Harrison standing up and teeting through the fence to see what his Daddy was doing - so cute!!!
Well, here we go, thought it was about time I got myself a blog. I have been trying to tidy up my scraproom today by finishing off some cards and random stuff I have lying about, but I think I have made it look worse instead of better!!! I bet that sounds familiar to anyone other scrapping/cardmaking ladies out there - nothing new there I hear you say lol!!!!! I treated myself to a cuttlebug this week and I am sooooooooooooooo excited - just need to buy some dies for it now to really get cracking!!! Okay I will now go and attempt to put some photographs on here. Wish me luck!!!