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Welcome to my little corner of the World! I live in Perthshire Scotland with my wonderful husband Eric. We have a daughter, Corinne who is married to Rob and lives in New Zealand, with their boys Harrison and twins Hadley and Dylan. Marie who has a wee boy Jackson, and Greg and his wife Kim, their wee girl Freya, even smaller baby boy Freddie and dog Buddy. I am happy when I am in my craft room, and I love making cards for Charity and also for commissions. I love scrapbooking, and I get my inspiration from my Grandchildren. They are the subjects in most of my Scrapbooking layouts. I have just started to do Mixed Media work, and I am loving it!! I have just started a craft group at our local Church centre, aptly called Saints and Scissors Club! If you can't find me, I will be in my craft room, buried under tons of stash lol!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

I am going to be published again!!!! This layout will be in issue 49 of Scrapbook Magazine!!!
These photographs were taken on holiday in Tunisia. We went out into the desert for the day and on the outward trip, Eric and I shared a camel. We stopped for something to eat, then you had the choice of camel, a donkey or on a wagon being pulled by a couple of camels. We opted for the donkeys and we had such a laugh. Eric's donkey knew he was on his way home, and Eric struggled to hold him back. I had the laziest donkey and he plodded along and had to get a nudge every so ofter to go a bit quicker. - Wonderful memories!
On a lighter note, I have just finished a scrapbook for Kim at my work which she gave to her Brother and Sister-in-Law. This is wee Callum on his christening day, and it is my favourite page from the album. I was told that when Callum's Mum started to look through the album, she started to cry as she liked it so much. that really made me feel so good!

Oh, I have been sooooooooooo bad and I have not been on here for several weeks. I have been so busy at work, as we are all having a hard time, knowing that half the staff will be made redundant over the next few weeks. I am "safe" until mid-November, but I feel I am in a bit of a limbo, as I can't plan anything for the future until I know what is happening. I feel so sorry for some of the girls in the office as they are really worrying about getting a new job as there is nothing available in our area.