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Welcome to my little corner of the World! I live in Perthshire Scotland with my wonderful husband Eric. We have a daughter, Corinne who is married to Rob and lives in New Zealand, with their boys Harrison and twins Hadley and Dylan. Marie who has a wee boy Jackson, and Greg and his wife Kim, their wee girl Freya, even smaller baby boy Freddie and dog Buddy. I am happy when I am in my craft room, and I love making cards for Charity and also for commissions. I love scrapbooking, and I get my inspiration from my Grandchildren. They are the subjects in most of my Scrapbooking layouts. I have just started to do Mixed Media work, and I am loving it!! I have just started a craft group at our local Church centre, aptly called Saints and Scissors Club! If you can't find me, I will be in my craft room, buried under tons of stash lol!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

It's sketch time again at Let's Scrap and it is a card sketch this week.  I used an image from Mo Manning.  I love this wee image which is called  - I even love the box!!!  It is just typical of a small child to ignore the present and play with the box!! I have had to turn my craft room upside down looking for photographs which I had just a couple of weeks ago.  I need them for a Halloween layout I want to do and I just don't know where I have put them!!  I am so organised and have boxes for everything, but I have checked the places where I keep photos and they are not there.  I have even been looking in stupid places - you know - just in case!!!  I will have one last look today, then I will have to have to reprint them aaaaaahhhhhhh!!
Swimming Update - I had a lovely quiet swim today, at one point I was the only person in the whole pool!  Lovely!!!!  I love just gliding through the water when it is flat and still, unlike when there is a lot of people in the pool and it resembles swimming in the sea  complete with Tsunamis on occasion!!! I  kid you not LOL!!!  I took 1 hour and 10 minutes today, but I have pulled a muscle in my chest, so will have to watch what I am doing tomorrow and will probably have to slow down a bit.  I have such a laugh watching people at the pool, there are so many characters there.  A woman was in the other day, and she had her full make-up on as if she was going for a night out.  Bright red lipstick and long dangley earrings and a big flower scrunchy in her hair. Unbelievable!!  Then there is Jacuzzi man.  I see him getting out of his car and coming into the gym and he comes straight into the Jacuzzi and just sits there hopping between the two Jacuzzis.  Occasionally, he goes into the steam room, but not very often.  He chats away to people, then leaves, and I see him going back to his car.  He never actually does anything which I think is a bit weird, and he is there every single day!!!!!  Bizarre!! Okay must go and hunt for those photos!!!  Wish me luck!!


Alice said...

so cute! love the soft colors you used. lovely card!

Ruth said...

Pretty pastel card - your flower is beautiful!